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Next generation learning explored at successful APAC Mobile Learning Conference 2011.

Smart devices and rapid infrastructure rollout spell immense growth potential in the mobile learning eco system.

The APAC Mobile Learning Conference 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia held on 8-9 June 2011 was a big success. The conference attracted educators, mobile operators, CEOs’, head of HR and IT as well as corporate and government senior officials from over 10 countries

The conference was organised in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Advisory Panel. Key supporters of this year’s conference were Open University Malaysia and Multimedia Development Corporation Malaysia as Strategic Partners, Brilyan Learning as Indonesian host, LTT Global as Mobile Learning Partner and Mobile World Magazine as official publication.

Wemel Cumavoo, co-Founder of Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel and Ir. Syamsul Aliah representing the Indonesian Host gave the welcome address.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Kalamullah Ramli, Senior Advisor to the Minister for Technology Affairs and Guru Besar Teknik Elektro Universitas Indonesia, officiated the opening of the conference. He shared the Indonesian government’s view on how M-Learning can bring about increased productivity and encouraged coordination from various parties, including the academic, private and government sector, to work together to develop M-Learning and added that the extensive rollout of mobile and internet infrastructure taking place in Indonesia would support the growth of mobile learning there.

Wemel in his address said that, “The Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Conference has become an important platform in the Asia Pacific region in our efforts to develop and promote mobile learning infrastructure, applications, devices and content. He also stated that, “it’s the perfect timing for mobile learning: the increased popularity of smart phones and the rise of mobile internet are bringing about a new focus on education and training and we should leverage the use of mobile technology to enhance learning experiences.”

The two day conference included a number of notable presentations covering a diverse range of topics and viewpoints from a distinguished line-up of speakers.

 The first day had its focus on the introduction and opportunities in the mobile sectors, taking into account the global perspective of mobile learning, content innovation and creation.  Among the keynote speakers and panelists for the first day were Professor Emeritus Dr. Anuwar Ali, the President/Vice Chancellor of Open University Malaysia; Professor John Traxler of the University of Wolverhampton, UK; Dr. Serkan Toto, a renowned consultant for web and mobile industries in Japan; Kashminder Singh, Managing Editor of Mobile World Magazine and John Eyles, Advisory Board Member of Education Technology and Consultant at Urban Planet Mobile, USA.

A mobile learning initiative case study entitled “An Integrated Mobile Learning Approach: Establishing A New ATKP Surabaya’s Learning Culture And System” was presented by Rudy, Director of Akademi Teknik dan Keselamatan Penerbangan (ATKP) Surabaya. The project is supported by PT Len Industri. This air industry academy academy also had a booth to showcase the demo to all participants.

The second day of the conference zoomed in to focus on mobile learning trends, collaboration efforts, leveraging on technology and commercialization models. Keynote speakers and panelists included Neil Ballantyne and Danny Whitehead from the British Council; Richard Castle of Skill-Pill Australia; Narenda Wicaksono of Nokia Indonesia; Daniel Chun, the Head of E-Learning at Art Group Limited, Hong Kong and Sriram Renganathan of Leadcom Technologies, Malaysia.

Based on the keynotes, focused dialogue sessions and the constructive exchange of ideas it was agreed that enhanced devices and infrastructure will positively impact the delivery of learning and training and there is an immense growth potential and possibilities of private-public sector partnership in the mobile learning eco system. Leveraging on mobile technology will enhance learning experience and hasten the availability of learning and training resources anywhere, anytime for anyone.

The APAC Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel also announced that the nominations for this year’s Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognitions are open to all educational organizations, corporate and government sectors who have taken initiative to use or promote mobile learning training or learning. The Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognitions will be presented at GoMobile 2011, happening in October 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. Nomination details are available online at www.gomobile.my